The first “architectural rendering” Robert ever produced was of a Red House he drew on his bedroom wall at age five. The scale is off, but his love for creating structures and reuse of materials was apparent. His parents cut it out and it hangs in the office today. Red House specializes in designing sustainable, smart architecture and always with the signature Red House touch of modern elegance. 

The studio’s project-expertise ranges from commercial to residential with a focus on restaurants, bars, breweries and retail. A tight unit, we are four people strong. Robert, the architect and Mississippi native has been practicing architecture in Asheville for 20 years.  Drea, our designer and resident real estate agent, is actually a native of Asheville. Wren, office Mommy and commander, is a California native with 15 years of Asheville under her belt and our newest team member, Ell.  The fact she graduated from Tulane (with a Masters in Architecture) in New Orleans (Robert’s favorite city in the world) was reason enough to hire her. 

We like: Le Corbusier; Pimm’s Cups; Samual Mockbee; Estate sales (a.k.a found treasures), trips to the metal scrapyard; Craft Beer; Bar-b-que for Robert + Tofu for Wren, Drea & Ell; Well mannered clients.